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Dependable Broken Water Pipe Repairs

One Source Plumbing handles a broken water pipe, as well as natural gas line repairs in Dallas, Texas area. When a break occurs, shut off the input valves and contact us.


Whether you are dealing with a water, gas, or sewage leak, repairing it quickly is vital to avoid long-term damages or health concerns, such as mold and mildew. Our team has the experience needed to handle any leak, upgrade, or installation. Even if you are experiencing a small leak, like a faucet or toilet, repairing it will save you money and protect your home.

Water Heater Leak

A water heater leak is more severe than other issues, due to the huge volume of water and potential damage. We know how to help repair the issue, and minimize damage. Just make certain to never mess with the temperature and pressure relief valve, which could result in an explosion.

Slab Leaks

A slab leak if the breakage of a water line that runs below your home's concrete slab. It can be prevented with regular maintenance. Prolonged leakage can damage the foundation, and destroy your home. We will use video inspection tools to identify the issue. We will present you with the options, and proceed from there.

Leak, Water Heater Repair

Gas Leak

Natural gas used in the home has an odor that smells like rotting eggs. If you smell this, turn off your gas and call us immediately. The fuel, filled with carbon monoxide, is toxic and flammable. If at all possible, air out your home as quickly as possible.

Sewer Leak

Sewer gas, produced waste materials decompose, can be found in public and private systems. It is highly toxic, and explosive. While plumbing is designed to prevent leakage, issues still arise. When problems occur, we identify the issue with video cameras and give you repair options at a fair price.

Sewer Gas Symptoms

Signs of a problem include sewer backing into the home, and issues with your yard. Untreated, damages can cost several thousands of dollars. Our teams can even replace the pipes due to age or tree roots growing into the sewer line.